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Docbot helps physicians spend more time with patients and less time at the computer.

Clinical note templating

As you complete an encounter, your EHR is updated and procedure report is generated with accurate CPT and ICD-10 codes.

HIPAA compliant

From cloud to on-premise, we ensure our services are secure and HIPAA compliant.


 Introducing: Docbot Qualoscopy™

Gastroenterologists are facing major challenges relating to pay performance and quality metrics that must be reported to CMS.

Docbot harnesses non-competitive partnerships with IT systems to connect disparate data benefiting patients, providers, and institutions.

Are you a physician or clinic manager interested in implementing Qualoscopy in your practice? Or are you a research coordinator interested in collecting quality endoscopy data? Docbot has a solution for you.

Docbot is the single point of data entry. No more disconnected data sources.

Products and pricing

  • GI Fellowship

    Starting at $4000/year
  • Procedure tracking for fellows

  • Dashboard for fellowship directors

  • Unlimited support

  • Customization upon request

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  • GI Endoscopy suite

    Starting at $8000/year
  • Real-time, robust EndoWriter

  • Reporting to GIQuIC and CMS

  • On-premise installation available

  • Unlimited instant support

  • FULL refund within 30 days

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  • Allergy suite

  • Allergy/Immunology questionnaires

  • Clinical note templating

  • EHR integrated

  • Customization upon request

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Our team

Consolidating healthcare

We believe there is a dire need for a specialty-congizant system that integrates disparate data sources, from imaging systems to path requisition.


Docbot FAQs

Is this integrated with my EHR?

Yes, Docbot is partnered with major EHR vendors and is integrated using a simple authentication system. Docbot is a standalone application that isn't embedded into an EHR. EHRs we are partnered with include: Allscripts, drchrono, and athenahealth. We're in the process of adding more EHRs including Greenway Health.

Does Docbot work with Epic or Cerner?

Yes. Connecting with Epic or Cerner EHRs is generally done using an HL7 or FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) interface. Customization is generally required, but don't worry, we'll handle all of this.

Is Docbot standalone or embedded?

Docbot is designed to be used standalone. However, we will embed our solutions if you have a compelling reason, like if you're using a Cerner EHR.

Does Docbot do on-premise implementations?

Yes; this process is more costly and requires an annual maintenance fee. If you operate a small practice, we highly recommend using our cloud services.

Can I customize my Docbot interface, forms, and questionnaires?

Not yet, we will implement customizable options in the future that existing customers will be grandfathered into. Currently, we charge a service fee for customization. Contact our customer success team at andrew@docbot.co.

Who do I contact regarding feature requests or issues?

Andrew Ninh andrew@docbot.co

Does Docbot exist for my specialty?

Docbot is currently focused on allergy/immunology and gastroenterology. If you'd like to see Docbot in your specialty, please use the contact form below or contact Andrew at andrew@docbot.co.